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Yoga4Sobriety Comes To Long Island

Posted on May 9, 2016 at 3:27 PM Comments comments (86)
Peaceful Greetings and Welcome:

This is my first blog. Why not sooner? 
Erroneous thinking; I didn't value my voice on the web, but I've had a change of heart because I care so much about the subject of recovery. No one is untouched by addiction. You have direct experience yourself or experience witnessing friends and loved ones either in the struggle to function or to recover.

I've seen lots of people come to yoga, meditation or mindfulness practices to get and stay sober. There was always a missing ingredient in general public classes. Either the style was a misfit, missing cues on the breathing or the language of the cuing of the poses didn't hit the mark. This is important because it is due to enjoyable class experience that a practitioner will start a daily practice at home. That is where the real magic happens, and it is real. Positive lifestyle changes are magic. Drama falls away, clarity becomes a strong skill & choosing from love instead of fear is empowering!
Certainly a daily yoga practice brings one to a spiritual practice whether you realize it or not. Once you do realize the power of your spirit, it is a wonder to manage. Our thoughts become slower, more pure, and then the chance to make positive lifestyle changes become grounded on a cellular level and that is profound and noble. A strong teacher and like minded community are needed in a personal practice.

Learning the Chakra/Energy system of the body while combining the simple powerful language of recovery is a liberating enjoyable experience. To feel the specific purpose of the Yoga Asanam (poses) relating to grounding the concepts of non-harming & the responsibility of the 12 Steps is empowering and liberating! It is necessary to have a practice that integrates your intentions with your actions.

We are all doing Karma yoga. What if were better? More positive? Less harmful? What if you were more concerned with being kind than being right? What if you let your guilt, shame and anger go?!
Than what would life become???
We all need love, kindness and food for our souls to awaken to the life we would like.
Walk in the light. Love your Life, share your love!
Peace 2 All.